Morning daydreams over coffee

When I think of Paris I imagine sitting in an outside café being served a “un café” or a glass or red wine, watching the city pass me by. I think of wandering off the beaten path and stumbling across a bakery, radiating a golden glow, with dozens of baguettes lining the window; or discovering a small chocolate shop being served a piping cup of melted chocolate alongside a delicious pastry. Some shop owners might be a little cold, after all I’m just another American tourist, but I will mind my own business, ordering in French, and some might respect me for my politeness.

I also imagine wondering into a cozy book store to find books upon books filled with poems written in French, and I will soak up the language and literature like a sponge. Next I will admire the magnificent legendary paintings throughout the museums, taking my time and for once not feeling like I’m in a hurry to be somewhere. Maybe I will even sign up for a guided walk, where I can conversate in French with a Parisian, and they can give me the low down of what Paris is really like.

Whatever I do, I want it to be a natural spontaneous because I know that is how I will truly soak up and experience Paris for what is really has to offer. I want to travel a lot with Zig. I want him to learn French along with me, but my first trip to Paris I want to do solo. There is so much about the world and myself I haven’t gotten the chance to experience since having him before leaving high school. No regrets, but there are definitely things I need done by myself-FOR myself. I also want him to be able to experience the world as much as he can, even while he is little.

So often we get wrapped up in our “obligations” and 9-5 jobs to actually spend our life doing what we want to do. We often make excuses why we cannot fulfill our dreams. I do not want to look back on my life 30 years from now in regret. I want to be able to say I am satisfied with all the places I was able to see and experience.

Trust me; Paris is only the first stop. Then comes Rome, then Dublin, then….